Entoria Energy | EN-for businesses
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Grid-connected and Off-grid energy supply from the sun.


What we do?

We develop solar solutions tailored to the requirements of each client.

Our solutions allow to diversify energy supply by using clean energy, reduce dependence from fluctuating energy prices, reduce dependence from grid supply and contribute to fight climate change while generating savings for your business.

Zero upfront cost for your business:

Entoria will develop, invest, built and operate the solar plant, selling only the electricity generated by the system at competitive prices. By entering into a long-term PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) with Entoria, you will benefit from competitive power prices, improve long-term price planning, diversify your energy supply sources, benefit from on-site green energy and contribute to global carbon impact reduction.

For those customers who prefer to own the power plant, Entoria will develop, built and maintain the plant under a turnkey contract, taking responsibility of all activities until the solar plant has started operations.

For off-grid projects we integrate state-of-the art electricity storage solutions allowing you to benefit 24/7 without interruption from clean energy supply.

Whatever the preferred solution, we will operate and maintain the solar plant, providing you with on-time access to project statistics and performance data.

One-stop-shop for your solar plant

Grid-connected and Off-grid Solar Solutions

Entoria will take responsibility of all activities until your project starts generating electricity, involving selected reputable local and international partners as required in the process:

    • Site analysis
    • Evaluate rooftop
    • Environmental assessment and permit (if required)
    • Secure all required permits for construction and operation
    • Process interconnection
    • Project design and engineering
    • Select appropriate equipment suppliers
    • Coordinate construction
    • Overview operation & maintenance
    • Ensure asset management
    • Invest and finance under a PPA contract

Tailor-made solutions:

Grid-connected and Off-grid Solar Solutions

Entoria will evaluate your needs and offer a solution for every businesses whatever the size and the energy consumption up to 24/7 electricity supply.

There is a solution for every business.

We will evaluate your needs at your request. Ask to meet our team.